About the history of roller skating movement development in our country

Date: 2016-07-28
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Roller skating movement, the original called "rollerblading," or "roller skating", is a fitness, sports, entertainment, fun, skills, art, leisure and thrilling in the integration of sports.On January 1, 1987, our country according to international common name, will officially renamed as "skating" this movement.Roller skating sport can effectively improve and enhance sports person of the body of the central nervous system function, improve the respiratory system, digestive system, blood circulation system, such as the function of internal organs, to comprehensive, balanced and comprehensive development of the human body speed, strength, stamina, agility, and so on various aspects quality, especially in adolescent's body and mind development has a positive role.Due to the movement restricted by climate and site conditions is small, easy to carry, the appliance technology easy to master.Preliminary estimates, the number of people involved in the sport in our country at present more than 10 million people.

Roller skating movement in order to further promote and development, vigorously promote the mass sports, the country was formally established in 1980, the China association of roller skating, and in the same year to join the international skating union, joined the Asian roller skating federation in 1986.Currently hosted by the Chinese association of roller skating sports management mainly includes the figure skating, speed skating, roller skating, ball and roller skating four single (slide).Among them, the speed roller skating is one of the most can reflect roller skating sports athletics project.At present, our country's figure skating in a leading position in Asia.

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