"The ice festival" create top skating "show"

Date: 2016-07-28
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Sochi ice dance champion davies/white combination live performance.Our reporter RaoJiang perturbation

Gold dapao and PuLuShen respectively after a difficult one, jumped happily high-five, as if is a lively party.This scene happened in the last night of 2016 "ice festival" figure skating performance of Chinese and foreign skating master gathered in the capital gymnasium, jointly presented a great skating "show".

"The ice festival" is the Chinese sports marketing firm ChengLi family (Shanghai) cultural development co., LTD., to join hands in the winter Olympics champions shen xue and zhao hongbo, co-founded by skating performance brand, over the past six years has attracted more than 180000 people came to watch, greatly improved the skating awareness in China.

As the world's top slide show, "the ice festival" brings together the sochi women's singles champion stowe she, ice dance champion davies/white, "the king of rotating bill of science.One of the most popular is "the ice demon ji" Johnny, following after China wind song "farewell my concubine", etc, this year he brought a song for Chinese audience roll of bead curtain.White ice using the projection into a huge splash-ink landscape painting, will a bright red silk dress appearance, the fainthearted dance, charm look inspired the audience cheers.Music more than half of the costume designer hao suddenly "into", two people staged a series of lifts, quadruple skating action, at the end of the deep feeling The eye which makes audience in stitches.

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